We have been very fortunate to be able to produce three first class testimony leaflets each containing five personal accounts from Bexhill people of what Jesus means to them.

Produced on good quality thick glossy paper, folded to produce a compact well designed leaflet that is difficult to want to discard!

Many recipients we know keep them and refer to them from time to time. A very good resource, and you can read more by selecting one of them to the right.

We have a small number of high quality pin badges and pendants available for a small donation, the pendants come with a 36" chain. Both badges are made from heavy enamel and are 1" in diameter.
Many good conversations had been had by those with the boldness to wear one. Why don't you give it a try?

During our litter picking adventures, from time to time we come across homeless people in need of help and support, and we do our best to provide them with what information we have available.

We have now collated as much information as we could gather, covering what is available in Bexhill and the surrounding area, and have put together a laminated double-sided card, the content of which can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the image to the right.

All very subjective, but when we meet people on holiday we like to gve them something about our lovely town, so we put together the double sided leaflet shown.

When showing the leaflet to our favourite ice-cream parlour they readily agreed to give a 10% discount for all those presenting the card.

To keep getting a 10% discount they have top keep the laminated card with Jesus Loves Bexhill clearly displayed. An excellent witness to the card holder as well as the person to whom it is shown.

To keep up to date with our activities we periodically produce this card for our litter picking evangelists, churches, bookshops etc

Mike Gale shares how life at sea, and too much spare time was leading him towards a dependence on whisky, when God stepped in and gave him a visual sign!

His book is worth a read, and you can get re-directed to Amazon here.