Welcome to the Jesus Loves Bexhill website

Welcome, visitors to the Jesus Loves Bexhill website.  We hope that now that you have found us you will join with us in making Jesus known to the residents of Bexhill and the surrounding area. We want to make Jesus known, but not througImages/GroupLarge.jpgh 'in your face' street evangelism, or 'confrontational' evangelism; that's not us. But we do love to talk to people about Jesus, and we try to be open to God- given opportunities when striking up conversations with people.  That's why we go litter-picking, establishing relationships and trust.

We are a non-denominational group of Christian men and women who enjoy making Jesus known while doing a worthwhile service for the town in which we live. Bexhill-on-Sea is such a lovely place and we want to play our part, however small, in keeping it that way.

On a Saturday, every two weeks, we meet up by the Bexhill Coronation Bandstand, usually at 10.00am, coming back together actually in the bandstand between 12.00 & 12.30pm, where we can stay until 2.00pm sharing our adventures, which you can find out about by selecting a story from the above drop-down "Our Stories" menu. During our time at the bandstand we are joined by our prayer team who have been diligently praying for the team whilst they have been out and about.

Next outing is Saturday 9th December, see you at the Coronation Bandstand at 10.00am.


Jesus said "Who do you say I am?"

CBN News Interview with ex-terrorist
under 10 minutes

Ex Hezbollah Fighter
One for Israel, with Kareem
just over 10 minutes
Ex Muslim Trained Terrorist
Revelation TV interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef
47 minutes
Ex Hamas Fighter

Please spare a little time to watch and listen to the above interviews,
and consider the question:-
"Who do you say Jesus is ?"