Report - May 2024

May has ended on a high note! 

Spring has been wet and windy, but we have continued with our programme of Saturday mornings, with an ever-increasing flow of thanks and appreciation from so many people. We met many people...there was for example the man who had twice attempted to take his life whilst struggling with severe bi-polar; he told us that he had experienced the very real power of God on one memorable occasion which had changed his life forever. Unfortunately, our conversation was interrupted when his son and grandson arrived. This is a good example of the need to have a strategy on occasions like this, for arranging to meet at a chosen time at a local cafe to pursue the relationship. We live and learn.  

Talking about being on a learning curve, we have all noticed that our confidence has grown; we are more comfortable in initiating conversations and talking and praying, when appropriate, with people we meet. 


Having delivered the gazebo to the field by 8:15AM, Geoff and Anne waited for others to arrive and by 8:45AM the gazebo was up and our team of twelve were ready for a full day’s work of keeping the field litter-free. We were given some free drinks and some of us managed to be blessed with food too!  

We had been asked to help clear any deposits made by horses where their riders were unable to dismount and sort it.  We pointed out that our litter clearing equipment would not be suitable, but happy to help if mini shovels were provided!!! Thankfully we were not required, but look out for the inevitable cartoon! 

We had lots of good comments and thanks all day. I have a lasting memory of the two lone figures of Geoff and Andrew, at the very end of the day, picking up the smallest pieces of paper from the far end of the field! 

At the dog show where Angus was on show (and won a rosette!), a bystander remarked: “There’s one of those Jesus Loves Bexhill people.” 

Meanwhile, a young man approached the gazebo and, seeing the bold Jesus Loves Bexhill sign, said that he would like to be baptised. We were asking him if he attended a church and whether he understood about baptism, when his girlfriend distracted him and called him away. 

He did not return so we were left wondering just how genuine his question was.  

We prayed for him anyway!  

In all, a good day’s job well done and above all the name of Jesus was lifted high once again in our town. 

The Chairman of the Horse Show later wrote: 

“Hi you all did a brilliant job, I can imagine as at the end we had 8 one-ton bags of trader’s rubbish that we had to dispose of! The seagulls were thinking to themselves “dinner time 🙂“, luckily enough a friend of ours just happened to pop down and we managed to take off site else it would have been a real mess after all your hard work! Going to have to get tough with traders next year!! Thanks again for all your hard work it was really appreciated!  

Two typical stories from recent conversations: 

About three weeks ago, I was picking up rubbish on the lawns between the De La Warr Pavilion and the sea, when I heard a voice cry out, "You're wasting your time." I looked around to see a man in a wheelchair.  We struck up a good conversation.  His name was Chris and he used to be a street cleaner so, although he knew what he was talking about, he did also agree with me that if I don't pick up the litter today, there will be twice as much tomorrow.  He was a lonely man, attending some groups, but hoping to get transferred to Eastbourne which had greater opportunities for him as a disabled man.  I did invite him to church and left him with a leaflet. 


Recently, I got talking with a lady who introduced herself as a member of Freedom Church.  While we were talking, a man walked up to me and started making a derogatory comment, followed by an apology as a remark of respect for my faith.  He was a nice man, and I gave him a leaflet and he laughed it off and said that Jesus could not give him the high that he gets from taking drugs.  I assured him that Jesus could make him feel far more euphoric than him taking drugs! 

We parted disagreeing, but on good terms.

BTW, the lady from Freedom Church identified herself as the new minister during the Bexhill Town Market, It was good to meet her and kind of her to introduce herself. 

 We try to follow up on all these encounters by praying that any seeds sown would take root and grow. 


Report - March/April 2024

Summer still seems a long way off, but not daunted, we have been out in force, faithfully backed by our Payer Team each fortnight. The colder the weather, the greater has been the appreciation shown to us by those we meet...last week, we even had someone calling across the street from an upper floor window to thank us; so much good will and all in the name of Jesus!
Talking of good will, we recently caught up with Frank who we first met three or four years ago. Frank has been in a nursing home for several months and Geoff and some others in our team have been able to visit him. He is now back in his flat and we have been able to continue our friendship with him, even able to do a little practical repair work for him in his flat. On a visit last week, he told us that he has never known such friendship before. We pray that in his time, he will welcome the Jesus that loves us so much.
One of our team recently had a lengthy conversation with a retired man, who moved to Bexhill in 2020; his wife died three years ago. We nicknamed him Banana man with his approval, as he told us that he had spent most of his life working in the Carribean with a banana packing company. After a good chat he told us that he had not spoken to a soul in the previous four days! We will meet up again on the seafront; we now have a God given opportunity to introduce him to a new and special Friend!
We thank God that we can share the Good News of Jesus so freely! What a privilege! With warmer weather ahead and with the faithful prayer backing on the Friday mornings prior to our Saturday outings, we expect great things!


Report - February 2024

Despite some very wet and cold weather, we have been out litter-picking and spreading the love of Jesus; smiles and friendly faces in the name of Jesus make a huge difference. Who would have thought that litter in our streets could be put to heavenly use! We have a great team of prayers and litter-pickers! Litter-picking has resulted in many seeds being sown, simply by wearing our Jesus Loves Bexhill tabards, and we have received many smiles of gratification and thanks. We are believing for a great harvest during the coming summer months. 
We feel that Jesus Loves Bexhill ‘has come of age’ being widely acknowledged and welcomed in the town. Following on from the prayer that we have taken on board since last December, for a double portion of the favour and blessings received in 2023, we shared in January all about our wonderful Jesus Loves Bexhill group at a Men’s Inter-church Fellowship and Bexhill Churches together, and in February we were given one of the main Sunday slots at King’s Church Bexhill, where the response was above and beyond what was expected, with loads of compliments and email congratulations, and even the church leaders being greatly blessed. We received many requests for our metal Jesus Loves Bexhill badges, even from people who were just visiting for the first time! We now have over 80 of the badges in circulation, and they have more than paid for themselves. On many occasions, strangers have asked us about them. 
This year Geoff has put together a “Bexhill Information” card to be given to any Bexhill visitors we come across during our adventures, and Café Capri have agreed to give a 10% discount on ice-creams purchased, on presentation of the card! It’s really good to know that when these cards are given out, they will not be thrown away, and the name of “Jesus” is being read out time and time again. What a joy! 
Frank has been visited a number of times since he has been in Mais House. Each time, he has been so pleased at getting a visitor that he has told all those he passed whilst escorting the visitor to his room and getting them a tea or coffee. He has no real family so visitors are especially welcome, and it is hoped he will return to his flat in March, in which case we can expect to see him on the promenade again. 
Dates for your diary: 
At some point during March from 7–8 pm, there will be a Prayer and Praise time at Andrew and Sally’s home; we have much to praise God for and to pray about, date to be advised! 
On Saturday April 6th, after our normal Litter-Picking adventure, Geoff & June have invited us all back for curry or Chinese meal, then later tea and cake. All family members are welcome. Geoff still needs lots of disposable biodegradable bowls and forks for this event please.
We have a year full of adventure ahead as we share the love of JESUS and raise His Name in Bexhill! 


Report - 13th January 2024

For this week's feedback, I would like to start with the prayer team.  We were greatly encouraged by the feedback from the prayer team this morning.  Two particular pictures were shared: the first one, that each of the team walking the streets this morning were like lighthouses - each one shining the light of Jesus not just forward, but in all directions as people see us from the front, sides and from behind; the second picture was that of a net, and that we were fishers of men and women. The litter picking team were greatly encouraged, and we shall remember these pictures as we go out in the weeks and months to come. 

It was a cold morning this morning, the need for hats and gloves most needed.  As we went out, we weren't expecting to have many encounters as we thought people would not want to stop and chat.  However, some did, old friends were seen as well as people we have become acquainted with previously, and relationships were built.  We want to be building relationships with the people we often see in the town, and the store-holders from shops and cafes we frequent.  It's not just about a one time contact. 

The litter-picking team also prayed at the beginning of the morning, that Jesus' name would be glorified as people saw us out serving the community on such a cold day, with our bright tabards lifting the name of Jesus high.  So the picture of each one of us being a lighthouse was particularly uplifting.

The encouragement that we are fishers of men and women in Bexhill is a great encouragement to every one of us.  There are some skilled in wielding the nets to bring in the catch, and there are many others supporting in other ways.  All are a part of the group and play a part in bringing in the catch.  May we please see many souls 'caught' and harvested this year for you, Lord Jesus.


Report - 14th October 2023

We had another morning of adventures on Saturday, but firstly  let me tell you about Kevin, who we met last time.

Kevin: briefly, Kevin is currently homeless, who we met sitting on a bench, reading "The Lord of the Rings"...a great conversation starter! We invited him back to the Bandstand where he explained that he was on a journey, walking to the Jurassic Coast in Devon. We talked about our journeys with Jesus and we prayed for him. Menaka, very helpfully, produced a list of places in Bexhill where he could be given food and a warm-up welcome.On this occasion, there were twelve of us; Kevin said he would look out for us and in fact, Helen bumped into him in the town later in the week.
Geoff made a copy of Menaka's list which he has now printed out and laminated for us to use when needed; wonderful and so useful!

Meanwhile, last Saturday, though small in numbers, we set off in pairs as usual, knowing we had the all important prayer backing from our Prayer Team.
Ann and Jane met a lady who is planning to move to Norfolk to be near her dad. They prayed for her as she had some hurdles to overcome first. They then met Jenny from St John's who helps with the homeless. She was thrilled to hear what we are doing and was very grateful to receive one of our Homeless Help Information cards!

Judy and Mike met Dawn and her carer, David. Mike recognised Dawn as she had been a parent of children at Sidley School. Dawn is suffering with a bad back, a result of osteoporosis.
Judy prayed for David who was quite emotional and we promised to pray for Dawn. 

Geoff meanwhile, set off to visit the 'Warm-up the Homeless' shop to explain the Information card and to get their advice. They proved very helpful and pleased to have some cards to give out.
Geoff made a similar very useful visit to the Emmaus shop. They informed him of the activities of the Emmaus centre in Hastings where much assistance can be offered.
We are excited that we have found a new and effective way of sharing the love of Jesus and guiding needy folk to receive practical help.

Diana Birch, CEO of the project has asked for our help this coming Saturday, 21st. October for the launch of the latest gallery exhibition.
She has specifically asked us to help tidy up litter and help pack up at the end, (not as previously expected to help at the start).
I will be there from 2PM till about 4PM to help, do join if you can. There will be several gazebos and various artistic displays and exhibits and the event runs from 10AM to 3PM but our help is requested from 2PM to help with litter picking then with packing up. Please let me know if you can help; it's great to be wanted!!



Report - 16th September 2023

Our adventure, in support of Bexhill Lions and the continental market, started for us late Friday afternoon when we met for prayer at David & Pam’s and, whilst a number of our regulars were away in Falmouth, we nevertheless had a good time of prayer, and we are looking forward to all meeting together. Our prayer times have been interesting in as much as we all come from different backgrounds and even different ways of praying. It’s exciting that when we all come together, we will be guided by the Holy Spirit and all our prayer lives will be strengthened and nourished as a result.
On Saturday Geoff, Andrew, Judy and Mike gathered, as usual, next to the bandstand to collect any testimony leaflets and bags that were needed, and off we went to patrol Devonshire Road and the surrounding area. We were accompanied by Andrew’s dog, Jasper, for the first time.  

Before we had even started, Andrew met up with a man called David, who had had to have his dog put down the previous day.  Jasper made a fuss of him, and Andrew showed love, sympathy and understanding.  Andrew told him that he would pray for him, and that God could fill the hole left by his companion. 
We had lots of encouraging conversations; people were happy to talk and take a leaflet; there was the chap with a lovely Cockapoo who wants to move to Bexhill from Tunbridge Wells, and a couple with two black Labradors - the dogs got a dog biscuit and the owners a testimony leaflet.
One of the French market traders gave me a third off what I was purchasing; not sure whether it was a sales ploy or his attraction to my Jesus Loves Bexhill tabard!
Mike had a really interesting, 20 minute chat with David,  a gentleman from the east end of London. He offered Mike a pint of beer and Mike offered him a Testimony sheet; Dave accepted the testimony leaflet!

At midday we met together in the bandstand and were visited by Veronica and Frank, who we had earlier met in Devonshire Road. We have witnessed to Frank over a number of years, prayed for him and invited him to church, up to now with little success, but he voluntarily, with hardly any encouragement, stated that he would like to come to church, and so arrangements have been made to collect him next Sunday.  (Please look out for him at Kings, Bexhill, if you attend there on this Sunday). Isn’t that great, sometimes you get instant blessings, sometimes it takes a while, but we must never give up.

Then in the afternoon, after talking to some stall holders, I took a break by having a rest on the bench at the top of Western Road; after a few minutes I was joined by Andrew, who noticed after a while that there was a chap leaning on a bollard next to the bench, with a painful expression on his face.  Andrew asked him if he was ok, which he wasn’t, and if he needed to sit down; we quickly gave him the space.  He shared that his knee had locked up and he needed to sit down but didn’t want to ask. His name was Kenny, and we proceeded to have a good conversation with him, including that God loved him.  He is a newcomer to Bexhill, a very nice chap, very friendly and positive. 

All in all a blessed day.