Jesus Loves Bexhill

Christian Outreach & Litter Pickers!

Welcome to the Jesus Loves Bexhill web page, we hope that now that you have found us you will join with us in making Jesus known to the residents of Bexhill, and the surrounding area.

We want to make Jesus known, but not through 'in your face' street evangelism, or 'confrontational' evangelism, that's not us, but we love to talk to people about Jesus, and try and be open to God given opportunities when striking up conversations with people, and that's why we go litter picking.

Our "Jesus loves Bexhill" emblem can be printed on t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and fleeces, which have proven to be an excellent help in striking up meaningful conversations, you don't need to talk about Jesus to sow a seed, the emblem is sufficient, but we are always ready to go further.

Our hope is to see as many of these "Jesus Loves Bexhill" emblems on as many fleeces, t-shirts, and the like, as possible, just think of the impact and the witness that it would be seeing this emblem multiple times as people walk along the seafront!

Will you join with us in making Jesus known?

Why not meet us at one of our weekly Zoom video meetings, just click on the link for more info.

 Jesus loves Bexhill

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** Next litter pick is Saturday15th January 2022,
from 10.45pm, meeting up now at the Bathing Station Cafe, by the Bexhill Bandstand. **

Come and have some fun making Jesus known!

If you would like any other information, or would like to go on our email list for litter pick notifications,
please send us an email with your contact details.

* * * A date for your diary: 7.00pm 12th March 2022 - Dinner with Vinesong * * *

Know Him and make Him known

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